Vocalist Damien Lamar has spent the majority of his life singing! The last decade and a half has been devoted to carving out a solid reputation as one of the most original and promising interpreters of song on the jazz scene today!
Damien Lamar (Robinson) is an American vocalist singer-songwriter, and record producer who has been performing professionally under the name Damien Lamar since the mid 1990s. In the United States, Damien Lamar is known for his work with the Jacksonville soul band, The Groove Coalition where he performs as the male bands' lead singer.
To date, Damien Lamar has released collaborations with notable producers, composers and performers such as Tommy Bridgewater, Howard Lanard Green, Stephan Pitois, Mikhael Jabroux, Jordan Buffaloe, and Ezekiel Haynes among others.
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